Welcome to The Gym at Moffat

With low cost memberships, quality gym equipment, classes & personal training, there are loads of reasons why The Gym at Moffat is worth a visit.

Our team are all local to the area - Robert, Paula, Lisa & Jo have a wide range of knowledge and expertise. We pride outselves as being friendly, laid back and approachable.

Come along, and have a wander around our facility!

Meet the team!

  • Co-Owner

    Robert Meiklem

    Since the age of 16 I’ve been working within the leisure and fitness industry. For me, it has never been a job, it’s been my passion.

    Over the years I’ve pretty much done every role you can do from Leisure attendant, gym instructor, class instructor, personal trainer, Health club Manager and Gym owner.

    What I give is all that experience to you wether your coming in as new gym goer and need some detail on how to use something, or maybe your coming to a class and want put through a workout or perhaps your after some 1 on 1 training to make sure whatever goal you have set yourself you have someone to work with and push you to that goal.

    I’ve used many different sports in my time to aid my fitness and redesign how I train personally and how I work with people on an individual basis. Over the last few years I’ve moved away from combat and physical sports like MMA and Pro Wrestling into aesthetic and gym related sports like Men’s Physique. My Work over the past few years has allowed me to develop my skills as a trainer and a coach to help people change their body composition and feel way better about how they look wether this has been to reduce body fat, increase muscle mass or general toning up.

    With this much experience you can rest assured you will be in safe hands with whatever capacity you need me for.

  • Co-Owner


    Paula has been qualified in Sports Therapy for over 18 years & has continued her personal development gaining further specialised skills & treatments.

    She also owns & runs The Gym at Moffat with Robert.

    Paula can tailor personal training & rehabilitation sessions to individual needs, whether it's for a special occasion, weight loss, body transformation, injury or weakness. She loves enabling her clients to regain their full potential after an injury or body weakness.