Welcome to Gymnastics at The Gym at Moffat

Mike Briggs and Sarah Leighfield have established a varied and popular gymnastics programme at the Gym at Moffat over the last 5 years. We have some 50 children in 2 mixed preschool programmes from pre-toddler through to P1, and 3 girls' groups ranging from P1 to early Secondary school age and beyond. Our summer programme includes Gymkids, a keep-fit programme for younger children.

We have strong links with the Moffat community through the gym, and with Moffat Academy through Sarah who helps in their schools gymnastics programme. We also have our young coach volunteers who help out at the sessions.

Meet the team!

  • Mike Briggs

    I'm Mike. I have coached gymnastics now for over 20 years. I came to the Gym at Moffat in 2018 having coached at a gymnastics club in Dumfries where my daughter trained. I'm currently qualified as a Level 3 Women's coach, Level 1 Men's coach, and pre-school children's coach.

    When not coaching, I'm keeping fit, running long distances and playing my piano.


  • Sarah Leighfield

    I'm Sarah and I was born, and grew up, in Moffat. I did gymnastics in both primary and secondary school. I have 2 children, and my youngest is currently part of our gymnastics programme in Moffat.

    At the Gym, I combine 2 of the things I love - working with young people and gymnastics!