• Robert Meiklem

    What I give, is all my experience to you - whether you're coming in as a new gym goer and need some detail on how to use something, or maybe your coming into a class and want put through a workout, or perhaps your after some 1 on 1 training to make sure whatever goal you have set yourself, you have someone to work with and push you to that goal.


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  • Jo Swan

    I'm a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer. I am young, full of motivation and here to help you meet your goals. Even though I am young I've still got good experience behind me in aspects of fitness like injuries, mobility, sports specific training, weight training, cardio training plus much more.


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  • Liz Dingley

    I'm a PT and strength coach. I have a personal empathy with beginners and nervous/new gym goers having been one myself. My passion is teaching people to get strong through correct technique, controlled movement and proper programming.

    Strength and resistance training is hugely beneficial to everyone and I particularly enjoy coaching older people whose muscle mass can decline with age.


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